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Inna Rohr

I was born in 1984 in Tallinn, Estonia - a cozy Northern European Country. In 2004 I moved to Tucson, Arizona where I have been living and working ever since. Being immersed in Russian, European and Western cultures has played a significant role in my development as an artist. Creating for me is a way to unmask myself and I invite the viewer to do the same: to connect and recognize one another for who we are. My primary medium is oils.In my figurative work I explore our common experiences of vulnerability, strength, sexuality, fears, power, vices and humor. Female strength to resist, overcome and continue is inspirational and often becomes the subject of my work. 

Working with landscapes- cityscapes and interior scenes in particular- teaches me to embrace the mundane, at times the unattractive, and to celebrate simplicity. Through this practice I often find myself falling in love with everything around me and I deeply wish to share that feeling with my viewer! I know Tallinn, my hometown like the back of my hand; painting Tucson has helped me come as close to that level of intimate familiarity with Tucson.

With my work I hope to encourage authenticity and offer another point of connection between all of us. 

I exhibit locally and nationally and my artwork is in private collections across United States and Europe. For more information visit

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