The affordable living costs in HCMC allowed me to work less and paint more.  I taught a series of anatomy and figure drawing workshops. I was represented by Vin Gallery where I participated in a number of group shows and where I had my first solo show.  Represented by the gallery, my work was also shown in art fairs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Since living in Tucson, I’ve participated in a few group shows and had 2 solo shows.

HCMC is densely populated, space is limited, and life spills out into the streets.  People live their lives publicly: eating, sleeping, working, sweating. As a figurative artist, I’m interested in portraying the human condition and life in HCMC was constantly inspiring.

There are certain similarities that I’ve found between HCMC and Tucson: the heat and the dust;  the colors of the earth and the concrete; the cracked pavements; the charming unmanicuredness of the streets.  Also, the transient community in Tucson displays human existence in all its rawness. 

These themes, and the colors and textures of both HCMC and Tucson have shaped the direction of my artwork.  I’ve become more interested in the surface and texture of the paint. The feeling and mood of the painting is my primary concern.

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Will Whitehouse

I was born in Hobart, Australia.   In 2007 I graduated from the university of Tasmania with a BFA in painting and drawing.  I then moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I lived until 2016, when I then moved to Tucson.