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Untitled Gallery

Untitled Gallery is an exhibition space devoted to showcasing some of Tucson’s most talented local artists while operating as a team of ambitious creators. We provide the public with a platform to discover local talent and provide our artists with a beautiful space to share their 2D & 3D creations. Our select group of artists aim to excite art lovers and collectors with monthly curated rotations of art and new works. We are committed to providing the public with high quality professional works and a unique artist driven experience. 



WAMO is the Warehouse Arts Management Organization, formed in 2004 as an outcome of the Tucson Historic Warehouse Arts District master planning process. WAMO is the group looking out for the entire Tucson Historic Warehouse Arts District—its history and its future. WAMO works to strengthen what’s already here—working with artists and organizations who have been in the district for more than 20 years. The mission of this artist-led nonprofit is to preserve, protect, promote, and program the Tucson Historic Warehouse Arts District. WAMO continues and develops the work of artists and related individuals who have helped to create Tucson’s Historic Warehouse Arts District as an active and varied center and community for the arts, within a downtown community that includes working artists, galleries, museums, nonprofit arts organizations, and supportive retail and residential interests. Untitled Gallery operates under the umbrella of WAMO; accounting and major maintenance issues are addressed through WAMO.


Current Untitled Gallery structure:

  • Majority vote

  • We have a manager, treasurer, marketing and maintenance people

  • A lot of work such as file sharing, scheduling, labels, brainstorming, voting etc is done in Google Docs



  • Normally gallery rent is $900 / month. 

  • Currently we pay $500/mo to keep the space open due to Covid difficulties.


Untitled Gallery jobs: 


Management / Communications

Gallery management

Task delegation & scheduling between gallery members

Communications between WAMO, community, collectors, and partners. 

Pre-Meeting agendas / post meeting notes

Event scheduling

Email / FB / IG correspondence

Represent Untitled Gallery at WAMO board meetings



Creation of social media graphics, events and posts

Content writing 

E -Newsletters and email list management

Advertising (working with gallery budget and /or in collaboration with WAMO)

Print advertising: magazine ads, posters, fliers, banners, cards etc.


Media outreach and networking 



Website Design, maintenance & updates

E-store management


Gallery Staffing:

Members work a certain number of shifts. 

We try to do as much of other work as possible during our shifts when possible. 


Show hanging & Maintenance

Patch / Paint walls

Hang artwork

Print, cut and mount labels. 



Keep the space generally clean, water plants 

Clean common areas: bathroom / kitchenette

Soap / toilet paper /paper towels are provided by WAMO

Lighting / light bulbs etc: gallery expense



Before the event:

Clean, Set up tables

Purchase decorations, refreshments, plates, napkins, utensils, ice, etc for openings. 

Refill food/drinks/ tp/pt as needed.


Make sure PayPal / other methods of payment are working


After the event:

Clean main floor as needed; clean bathroom, kitchen, take out trash etc


Treasury / Budget

Bookkeeping is done via WAMO /PEACH properties

Each gallery member is responsible for his/her own receipts and reimbursements via WAMO / PEACH

Monthly Gallery budget statements 


How to get involved:


Letter of Intent, including your skill set

Bio / Statement

10 images in a pdf format

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