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Important dates:

  • NOVEMBER 6: Submissions due by midnight

  • NOVEMBER 10 -12: artists notified by email

  • NOVEMBER 19, 11-3pm Artwork drop-off at Untitled Gallery

  • DECEMBER 2, 4-9pm: Opening reception

  • FEBRUARY 17, 2024, 3-5pm: Artwork pick up

 Submission Guidelines and Additional Information - READ CAREFULLY!

  • Submission fee of $35 for a maximum of 3 works per artist

  • 2-D work must be no larger than 200 square inches (W x H), including frame. For ex: 12” x 16” = 192 sq in

  • 2-D work must be ready to hang. Any artwork not ready for installation may not be included in the exhibition.

  • 3-D work must be no larger than 16” in the longest dimension

  • 3-D work: please communicate your needs for display, for ex: pedestal

  • All submitted artworks should be in original form and not reproductions, prints or giclees, with the exception of photographic works and digital art. Artwork should not have been shown previously at Untitled Gallery. 

  • If selected for the exhibition, artwork must be delivered by the artist or their designated person on November 19, 11-3pm to Untitled Gallery, 101 W 6th St Ste 121, Tucson, AZ. No exceptions. 

  • Drop off and pick up only: artwork will not be shipped to or from the gallery.

  • Untitled Gallery retains a 30% commission on works sold; 70% of the sale amount going to the artist.

  • Only entries and fees submitted online will be considered

  • Submitted artwork must be available for sale

  • Label images of your artwork in the following format: Title_Medium.jpg (brief description of medium) for ex: Congregation_mixed media.jpg. JPEG under 5MB. Do not include your name in the name of the file

  • The title of the artwork must be the same in your digital file (jpg title) in the online entry form. Works not titled correctly may not be considered.

  • If submitting less than 3 artworks, click the arrow button until prompted to sign, pay a fee and submit.

  • Volunteer to help hang the show and we'll refund your application fee!

  • Thank you and we look forward to seeing your works! 

*All money collected from entry fees and commissions goes directly to operating Untitled Gallery, which is a non-profit space run completely by volunteers. We are not a commercial gallery, we are a group of dedicated Tucson artists who strive to provide a beautiful downtown gallery space where the community can come together and experience great art. Thank you for your support

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