White Sands Trombone Gal

White Sands Trombone Gal

Artist: Susan Gorbett

Size:  8” x10”

Medium: Print on Archival Paper

Info: www.susanjgorbettphotography.pixels.com


With a love of the outdoors, Susan is attracted to the wide open spaces of the West and the minute nuances of the small against the vast. Born in Michigan, growing up in Indiana, she has lived in 8 states and find the West home in Tucson, Arizona. Photography is her passion. "I love the patterns of life and am drawn to how light is the protagonist of every image." A career as a real estate broker both in Montana and Arizona has opened up innumerable opportunities to capture the spontaneity of moments in the landscape. Susan journeyed solo in the early summer 2020, traveling through nine states and seeing 5700 miles of limitless scenery.


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