Untitled #816

Untitled #816

Artist: Nancy Drigotas

Size: 16" x 12"

Medium:  Painted Monotype

Info: www.nancydrigotas.com


My work is abstract and can take several forms. I've always been fascinated with the "organized" abstraction of the natural world. Lately I have been concentrating on composition using both large and small shapes. I enjoy experimentation with textures as well. I also make monotypes, some of which are produced using solar plates. This creates an intaglio element for the monotypes. Or just intaglio. Love color and always seem to return to it after stretches of making black and white pieces. Painting is something I just have to do. It is a continual learning process fraught with problem solving. I think that's what art is - problem solving. I am accomplished at creating problems that I must solve. That solution can be a long drawn out process that teaches me a great deal - discovering new techniques, new materials, etc. One thing leads to another, so it's a never-ending process. I am always working to improve and grow and learn from others. 


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