• Unfurl

    Barbara Jo Borch

    21.5"h x 15"w x 15"d 

    Baltic Birch plywood, Stain and Stainless steel base



    My work is about the connections and contrasts between nature and man. It is about organic and geometric, natural and manipulated, black and white. I create organic forms that are made from man-altered wood. I play with the ideas of natural versus rational, spontaneous versus intellectual. I love materials. I used to subscribe to Henry Moore’s “truth to materials”, but now consider the “possibility of materials”, freely exploring the qualities and uses of materials and then combining and using them in new and unexpected ways. My processes echo this contradiction as I begin with a concept and work in a manner that allows it to take its own unplanned course: a predetermined idea that takes its own form as I work. I don’t know the ultimate conclusion for this form. It unfolds and surprises me and the inherent risks reward me with something unexpected.