Traversing Covid V

Traversing Covid V

Artist: Valerie Milner Graham

Size:   8" x 10"

Medium: Printmaking/Mixed Media



While in Zacatecas this spring, an image posed in a cathedral fountain sparked the idea for a series of printmaking mixed media artwork of places and time while traversing covid. After making a solar plate of the image and naming it "Nuestra Señora de Tristeza Corona", I began an ongoing series of my journey to the other side. The pandemic continues and so does life both in other countries and right here in the Sonoran Desert. Here I present three views of life in May, July and August, 2020. While in another country, gazing out my window or in the drybed of Cienega Creek, Nuestra Señora de Tristeza Corona is looming as always during these days of 2020.


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