Red 013

Red 013

Dennis Wunsch

60" x 40"

Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil on canvas


In creating Art my goal is to inspire viewers, to make them think, while bringing joy and an appreciation of the world around us. I want each person to come back to the artwork over and over to see something more, spark a new thought, or see things from a different perspective. My current works are a series based on exploration of the Sonoran Desert Region that I now call home. My surroundings shape my journey, which in turn influence my creative process. I survey the day and night landscapes, capturing ingredients to memory including the sun and vast horizons, to the most intricate details of desert plants and dark skies. I see our world as an extremely complicated and connected place. Because of this, my process incorporates building layers over layers in reflection of my observations and visual interpretations. Acrylic paint is my primary medium for this series. At times also incorporating pastel, gouache, watercolor, graphite and varnishes. Using a water-based medium allows for a quicker progression when adding, moving and removing paint as well as compiling brushstrokes and layers. Mixing thin and thick applications, using opaque and transparent areas and juxtaposing small and large marks all help me bring to light the complexity and intricate components of our environment. The process is intuitive and usually incorporates many changes until a particular statement is complete. I love making images that tell a story to each person in a unique way. My hope is to invite or pass on an appreciation for our natural surroundings with a noteworthy Artistic response.