"Pull Back - To Fly" The Covid/Future Arrow

"Pull Back - To Fly" The Covid/Future Arrow

Jimmy Descant

8' x 2' x 4" - 100 lb. Free standing with a metal or wall hanging 

Found object assemblage sculpture: Aluminum panels with aluminum picture frame samples



I have lived in Tucson 2 1/2 year now, and I started creating assemblage art in 1996, the parts found at thrift stores and flea markets became my own vision of what craftsmen put into vision and expression. Being self-taught, I have found myself in the realm of artists past and have compounded on those past ideas of found object assemblage and have recreated the West and First Peoples imagery. There is no welding in my work. I find parts that have never seen each other that mesh naturally and form my style in a clean professional fit, using raw materials from the Golden Age of American manufacturing. Recycling is a major key, and the finding of the raw materials is a large share of the end result, of which I am a professional in acquiring the vintage and beautiful in out of the way places. I am a Severe ReConstructivist seeking the cool and inspiration, and the West - it’s mountains, people, and cultures past and present - inspiring me, my art, and my live art performances.