Peonies with Sculpture

Peonies with Sculpture

Artist: Derys Lyttle

Size:  8.5” x 10.5”

Medium: Watercolor and Pastel on Paper


I was to be on lock down for the next thirty days. This meant I had to paint in my apartment, since I couldn’t go down to my studio. I considered the dimensions and materials I was limited to, and chose Watercolors and Pastels. I was feeling so many mixed emotions that were changing daily, hourly. I couldn’t focus on my usual abstract compositions, they seemed too complicated and demanded more emotional focus than I had to give at the time. I was overwhelmed. So, I decided to do some simple representative paintings of the everyday objects I saw in my home. It became a series of thirty paintings in which I described gifts, souvenirs, and other sentimental objects collected through the years. They flowed easily, and put me in touch with so many relationships and experiences, and the beautiful feelings they inspired. I found a love for the life I had lived and a profound hope for my future. I understood the things that mattered, in people, travel, and love of actively living my life. I became grateful and experienced extreme joy.


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