Osteoborg 3

Osteoborg 3

Andrew Lincoln Nelson

18" x 24"

Graphite on Bristol Board



My work includes graphite drawings of alien landscapes, some of which contain machine creatures, plant-animal hybrids and other conglomerations that might be found in the distant future or on other worlds. Many of the landscapes are drawn from southwestern deserts and mountains but others reflect a less Earthly aspect. Specifically some of these drawings focus on post-technology ecosystems containing feral technology. Exploring the nature of being uniquely human is a deep trope in art, past and present. But is our supposed uniqueness really our most important aspect? Maybe what makes us alive is more important than what makes us human. Are there commonalities among all possible forms of life? Perhaps something we feel and share at a visceral level? When something catches your eye, does that mean you share affinity with it?