Osprey at Rest

Osprey at Rest

Artist: Hugo Wessels

Size:  15" x 23.5"

Medium: Photography

Info: www.hugowesselscameraworks.com


About me


I was born and raised in Suriname, at age 16 I immigrated to the United States and while finishing high school in New York I contracted a passion for photography that would shape the rest of my life. I studied photojournalism at the University of Miami while majoring in engineering.

A summer job at United Press International led to a 25-year career that took me to major news events around the globe. Between assignments nature photography became an escape from the misery I often encountered. In 1972 I became Washington bureau chief for UPI. Where I directed coverage of national affairs and traveled with six presidents on major international events highlighted by the 1975 trip of President Gerald Ford to China. In 1984, I parted ways with UPI as the company drifted into bankruptcy.


About my work


I am drawn to black and white photography because forms are reduced to their essentials, and the eye does not get distracted by color. When I venture into color I am careful not to let color for colors' sake take over, but only be that which is required by the image I seek to convey. Design, form, balance are my concern, whether in black and white and grey or color.

I miss the darkroom. The magic of manipulating shadow and highlights on the emerging image. I still produce negatives on film, but then scan them and finish the product digitally, careful not to be seduced by the possibilities of Photoshop. I limit the technology to doing only what I could have done in the darkroom. My art is photography not digital design.


About the prints


My limited edition prints are signed and numbered, printed on Epson archival papers with Epson K3 Ultra chrome inks rated for color fastness up to 108 years.


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