Margarita Cactus

Margarita Cactus

Artist: Tara Coalter

Size:  16” x 20”

Medium: Mixed-media on Canvas



Creation comes very easy to my relaxed brain and fingers. All of my lines, shapes, and colors are organically in-the-moment decisions. I have fun playing with movement and smears and if I just keep adding to it, eventually pictures emerge from my doodle-rific additions. These skills have been recently discovered and I play with new ideas whenever I get the inspiration. I am a self-taught doodler and acrylic smearer and recently finished my Bachelor's of Science Degree at the U of A. My creations are inspired by everyday observations and feelings. My future includes entomology/microbiology/mycology scientific research and to create all the things. It is going be the future soon, and I can't wait.


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