Impermanence V

Impermanence V

Valerie Milner Graham

 22" x 10" 

Copper and Aluminum Etching with Chine Collé


Impermanence has been a continuing theme of my artwork. The ever changing probabilities of life bring beauty out the unexpected. Challenges sometime transform beliefs and opens avenues of self-exploration. Contemplating the natural world has brought me to a deeper understanding of form and balance. Life has brought upheavals, yearnings and complete shock at times. I strive to capture the character which life has imprinted on me by imprinting them in my artwork. Combination of light papers and translucent colors represent currents of life from our planetary skies to our earthly domain spawning the emerging stories onto paper. Intriguing layers compile nature and the life currents of the entwined human experience. My wish is for the viewer to explore the assimilation of my view of a life infused with affects of my individual journey. I bring my world to yours.