Desert Delta

Desert Delta

Artist: Paul Fitzgerald

Size:   11" x 14"

Medium: Ink & Charcoal



Original Drawing Works


I characterize my recent work as a “controlled accident.” I believe my drawings show the rawness of my vision and reveal the process of an artist’s struggle, rough at first, then more refined, showing the depths of the artist soul.


My goal is to achieve art that is unique, modern and presents a style previously unseen. My ink and charcoal drawing style has evolved to become more abstract with a hint of realism. I realize our talents are God given. When I draw I actually feel a presence — like someone else is guiding and providing me with inspiration.


My work emphasizes the contrast between the stark white of the paper and the rich black abstract elements. I complete the drawing using a charcoal pencil and a kneaded eraser. Experimenting with this technique I have developed a style that expresses itself differently with each drawing. Currently I have been utilizing Ink and charcoal powder, which can result in fractal textural patterns that can reveal a mood and meaning even with the absence of a recognizable subject. I believe the title of the art is very important also, giving the viewer a hint of the intention but still leaving them with a mystery.


I have always loved to draw, and in high school discovered my passion and aptitude for graphite and charcoal drawings.


I am a native of Tucson, and earned a BFA in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Arizona. I have worked in graphic design for many years, mainly in the publishing field, including newspapers and magazines, as well as advertising.



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