Corruption and More

Corruption and More

Artist: Gary Swimmer

Size:  9" x 12"

Medium: Enamel and Oil pastel on Paper



The human condition is filled with denial, distraction, disappointments, countless failures, corruption, unwanted and unexpected changes, opacity, absurdity, cruelty, decay, pain, violence, tribalism/resistance to the "other," and death. And still, these timeless dark realities, remarkably, do not prevent or exhaust, an irrepressible wellspring of optimism, hope, love, moments of joy, curiosity, inspiration and inventiveness - even in the face of loneliness, loss and desperation. Perception is limited; memory is fragmented, foggy, easily distorted; emotion can interfere with reason; desire and hunger for power and control can serve progress or be profoundly damaging. My work has engaged these and other issues for years.


Recent times have made transparent details of our troubled society and lives, our flaws, weaknesses and courage, our capacity to distort and deny difficult challenges and horrific, disastrous choices. It has shown the ability to imagine and create that which might be reparatory, better. These ideas, transmuted into the agenda of paint and other media keep me inspired and drive me to make my work.


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