Between Now and Then: Judge and Jury

Between Now and Then: Judge and Jury

Artist: Barbara Penn

Size:  24” x 19”

Medium: Digital Print/Collage: Ink jet transfers, Acrylic paint on Pellon and Mat board



Barbara Penn uses literary, poetic and everyday sources in paintings, prints, drawings and installations—which she merges with personal and socio/political themes.


Between Now and Then: Judge and Jury


In 2018, Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for Supreme Court Justice. Christine Blasey Ford brought accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, in a trial. He was confirmed by a vote or two. Women seeking changes in equality of women’s rights used #MeToo on social media, to show the magnitude of sexual assaults that take place by men using their power over women. In this work, the #MeToo notations are visually infiltrating the multiple and patterned repetition of predominantly ‘male judge’ icons.


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