Beauty and the War Beast

Beauty and the War Beast

Artist: Barbara Penn

Size:  18” x 25”

Medium: Drawing and Collage on Handmade Paper



Barbara Penn uses literary, poetic and everyday sources in paintings, prints, drawings and installations—which she merges with personal and socio/political themes.


Beauty and the War Beast


 In 2012, I traveled to make art on a teaching leave. I occupied a studio in Montreuil, near Paris, where I met West African artists. That month, I made trips into Paris museums to see ancient Islamic artifacts. Next month I had a studio in Tahanaout, near Marrakech, Morocco. The beauty around me was stunning; the mosques and market stalls were inspiring. I was shocked, learning about the Sandy Hook School shooting on the BBC when I was in a state of bliss, in Morocco. I was compelled, after my return to the U.S., to use the beauty of images I recalled, next to images representing U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. 


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