As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

Caitlyn Swift

24" x 24" (Diptych)

Oil and Charcoal on Panel


I grew up in a rural setting on a small goat farm an hour southeast of Tucson, AZ surrounded by nature with all of its teeming life, beauty, bounty, and death. My creativity flourished with my love for the desert, creating a deep connection to nature and the emotion it evokes. Focusing on oil painting, drawing and various 2D media, my work uses the female form as a tool for visual storytelling. In particular, I create works exploring biological cycles of life filtered through an autobiographical lens. My work explores historical representations and their contrasting motifs, paying special attention to the idea of women and nature being deeply intertwined on emotional, psychological, and physical levels. Often through the use of self-portraiture, I attempt to address both the fragility and strength, as well as the impermanence and permanence, constantly coexisting within nature and humanity.