Artist: Judith Mariner

Size:   36" x 36"

Medium: Acrylic

Info: www.judithmariner.com


The focus of my painting is the human psyche. I explore multidimensionality two-dimensionally, using oil and acrylic paints, traversing a range from ecstasy and the numinous clear through to the realms of shadow and darkness---the information appearing from the underworld, clear through to Paradise----the odyssey of awakening and evolution. I listen behind the mind and then allow the Intelligence of the unseen to express out the end of my hand. I strive for honesty and authenticity in my work. Painting is the most compelling thing I do because the process demands that I go deep and listen into the “Magnum Mysterium,” moving as close as possible to the Source of Creation. For me painting is an act of celebration and worship and I do it because I have to.


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