A Walk Through the Forest

A Walk Through the Forest

Taylor Ivester 

20" x 16" 

Pastel and Charcoal 



My work is here to remind humanity as a collective of the fantastic creatures that share this planet with us. The amount of wildlife in the world is vast and, at many times, forgotten. We are all caught up in our busy lives daily. How often do we stop to appreciate the amount of life on Earth?

We should make that time daily too. Freezing moments in time is something we all love to do. Capturing the beauty, joy, love, and admiration is what my work does for wildlife. I’m reminded of the common question to others, ‘what’s your favorite animal’? Most of us have one but do we really know that being? I am aimed at having these answers in a detailed piece of artwork. You feel the emotions they have with each portrait. Independent or working together, they are like us in many ways. They matter and can teach us how to be better individuals, as well as families.

I don’t just create animals; I give them their voice back.