A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance

Artist: Cheryl Goodberg

Size: 4" x 4" 

Medium:  acrylic on paper on 1.5" deep wood cradle

Info: www.cherylgoodberg.com


I am a passionate collector, a finder of natural materials, beautifully crafted articles, and utilitarian objects that have been forgotten, overlooked, or cast aside. I analyze and evaluate: Why does this speak to me? How can I cleverly incorporate its essence, or the treasure itself, into my art?


From the breathtaking colors of an Arizona sunset to the muted shades of vintage papers, my art is influenced by textures and patterns found in nature, ancient symbols, all things music, and the magical colors of the desert southwest.


My collages are made from artist painted and prepared papers, old book papers and binding materials, botanical elements, and beautifully aged metal findings. Along with award wining collages, my portfolio contains an eclectic collection of intuitive painting, assemblage, and photography.


Art is the expressive focus of my life, filling me with the power of imaginative thinking. Whether starting with a fully formed vision, or a concept, a few simple marks, perhaps a color combination I wish to explore, my work evolves until it feels right - complete, balanced, conceivably intriguing to the viewer. I am driven by the excitement of creating something of substance, of value, from a blank substrate. No rules. No restrictions. Pure creativity. 


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