Jessie Shinn

"Perhaps the most amazing sensation passed on to us by prehistoric man is that of presentiment. It will always continue. We might consider it as an eternal proof of the irrationality of the universe. Original man must have wandered through a world full of uncanny signs. He must have trembled at each step."                                                                                                                                                               ---  Giorgio de Chirico

I grew up in the Phoenix area, and have called Tucson home since 1989, completing my BFA at the University of Arizona. In 2012 I moved to St. Louis for two years to pursue an MFA at Washington University. Since then I have been back in my hometown, making art and teaching at Pima Community College.

My photographic work draws on my background in drawing and painting; my interests in philosophy and poetry; and a fascination with the mysterious and confusing parts of human life– the slipperiness of time and space, light and dark. I seek out the sense of presence, surprise, and recognition that we sometimes experience momentarily, in a flash of light, shadow, reflection, color, line, or shape within the overlooked, ephemeral and ordinary. My work is about the charge of things, both hidden and revealed, and the value of transient and ambiguous visual experiences that do not have fixed meaning. Sometimes even when we have words, they are inadequate, or seem inaccessible. Yet experiences that can’t be described can still have resonance, affect. They may touch, move, or infect; they may manifest a feeling, disposition or tendency. I make images to access that space where my knowledge and language fail.