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Energy Alchemy Ceremony

Sound bath & meditation with TC Chicago
Sunday, January 29, 4-6pm

Experience the benefits of multi-dimensional sound therapy and energy work for body, mind, and spirit!

TC facilitates a nurturing, held space to explore, heal and transform. This intuitive energy healing session includes a guided meditation, sound healing, and Emotion Code energy clearing. You will experience a transmutation of energy for increased harmony, resonance and vitality while surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful, and soulful art.

Please arrive early to allow yourself and others time to set up.

Bring your yoga mats, blankets, pillows - whatever makes you comfortable to take on this beautiful journey!

Why Sound baths are so good for us?

The instruments create sound vibrations to relax your mind and body. Sound can shift frequencies from low energy of guilt and fear to higher vibrations of love and joy. Sound healing is the use of sacred instruments to release energetic blockages inducing a state of ease and harmony in the body. While there are many types of sound therapy, all of them produce vibrations that alter your brain waves. These vibrations are especially useful for healing the body. The adult body is 75% water, and water is a great conductor for sound vibration. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates de-stress responses in the body. The sound wave passing through the body stimulates red blood cells, and opens up the blood supply to all organs and throughout the body and stimulates the limbic system, forcing your muscles to relax. The sound of a gong is heard through the ears, passing through the auditory nerve, then the vagus nerve, stimulating every organ in the body. All your organs operate more effectively, especially your liver and kidneys. You wake feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Gongs have been used as a form of sound healing since around 4,000 B.C. The practitioner creates different tones and patterns with the gongs to produce vibrations that work on the mind-body connection.

The gong has stronger vibrations and much richer sounds because of its size and structure. The sound can put you in a deeply relaxed and meditative Theta state in as quickly as 60 to 90 seconds.

Gong baths are great for clearing fears or emotional blocks and improving mental clarity. Leaving you transformed on a physical as well as mental level.

The TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS  in essence are the same as the gong but since the gong is larger, it seems to "work quicker" to get your brain in the desired meditated state.  As our brains come into this state, our nervous system moves out of fight or flight into rest and digest, allowing our body to heal.  


Singing bowls have been used in Tibetan culture since the 12th century. These metal bowls come in different sizes and each one produces a deep sound that relaxes and heals the mind. Because each bowl produces a unique vibration that works on separate parts of the brain, different sized bowls are often used together. Of course, they can also work on different parts of the body. Bowls elicit a light dream state, and can be placed on the body to promote healing. Vibrations move through water in the body. When this happens, it helps stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow. This particular type of sound healing has been found to reduce stress, anger, depression, and fatigue. Each bowl creates a different note, correlating to each of the 7 main chakra centers in the body, allowing opening, release, and healing in these energy centers as well as in the physical body. 

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