Kathryn Gastelum

Kathryn Gastelum.jpg

My paintings are my improvisation in color - or my “visual jazz”.

I believe beauty lies in everything from desert tranquility to the energy and brilliance of any big city.

Color is intense and soul moving - like music. As an abstract painter, thinker and spiritual soul, I’m influenced mostly by our versicolored, awe-inspiring southwest skies, travel and music- especially jazz music.

When painting expressively and spontaneously, the most intriguing composition emerges and is then developed. When painting in realism, I connect with distant places, like my penchant for the Sahara desert, sand dunes, amazing skies or anything French! 

My paintings are created in the richness of oils, cold wax or acrylics, while vibrant, french dyes are the essence of my silk scarves.

As a Tucson native, I received a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Arizona, while studies abroad in Paris, France for Art/Art History was indelible.  I also found great interest with Interior Design. This led to further education and affiliation with A.S.I.D. as I became the designer for our business Centerline Design & Interiors, LLC.  However, my passion for painting was imperative, and I returned to my easel with diligence while taking classes in Museum Studies in the Fine Arts Graduate College at the UArizona.


Take time to see the beauty around you and let my soul intention of color and composition draw you into each painting.